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Inland Says “Let’s Go! to Family Fun!”

Guest authored by Ellen Wells  Nearly 500 people attended Inland Hospital’s first annual Let’s Go! Family Fun Day in Waterville on Saturday, September 15! Hundreds of families were introduced to Let’s Go! 5210 and the Inland Woods trail system located on Kennedy Memorial Drive. Many other great activities, resources and organizations were on-hand to help families… Read more »

So Diet Beverages Are Better, Right? Not So Fast!

Authored by Michael A Dedekian, MD, Medical Advisor to Let’s Go! and Director of Countdown to A Healthy ME Clinic. I regard 5-2-1-0 as an essential prescription for healthy living. “0” helps us all remember to eliminate sugary drinks. Almost all of my patients have been able to improve their health by switching from juices… Read more »

Are you drinking your way to health issues?

Authored by Emily Cooke, RD A 12 oz soft drink has around 150 calories in it. Now, this wouldn’t be so bad if those calories were nourishing and helped to fill you up; but that’s not the case. Pretty much 100% of the calories from soda are from added sugars and there is a fair… Read more »