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Plan for a Screen Free Weekend

Authored by Caitlin Loveitt, Let’s Go! Home Office Monday marked the kickoff of Screen Free Week, a week-long celebration that encourages children to go screen free. Many of us remember this experience as a week-long challenge to simply stop watching television, since prior to 2010 – when the name was changed to better reflect our… Read more »

Children are Watching You!

Authored by Adrienne Gallant, Let’s Go! Knox County Coordinator A couple of months ago, I was feeling under the weather. I was forced to stay upstairs in my room secluded from the rest of my family so as not to contaminate them with my germs. My throat was feeling awful and my stomach wasn’t so… Read more »

Penobscot Bay YMCA Childcare goes for healthy and fun celebrations!

Authored by Emily Cooke   The Penobscot Bay YMCA Childcare in Rockland, Maine has been hard at work promoting and supporting healthy eating and good nutrition to the children in their care and their families. Over a year ago they took the plunge and began serving only healthy food choices at celebrations. Then, a few… Read more »

Trinity Day School Preschoolers Run a Marathon!

Authored by Emily Cooke The preschool class of Trinity Day School in Portland, Maine set out to run a marathon this past summer! You may be saying “WHAT?!” but hold on…they worked toward their goal in 1/4 to 1/2 mile segments. Collectively, the preschoolers ran 96.25 miles this past summer!  How did they do it… Read more »