Healthy Thanksgiving Treat!

Guest Authored by Adrienne Gallant

Fruit Turkey Created by The Playroom Early Child Care CenterFor many of us, it can be difficult to find new and innovative healthy ways to celebrate the holiday season, but a little team work can go a long way. As a Let’s Go! site, The Playroom, an early child care center in Warren, Maine, encourages parents to think outside the box when bringing in food for celebrations and holidays.

One of the parents is doing just that. In July, she made a beautiful American flag out of fruit. This past Thanksgiving, she outdid herself with a playful, yet yummy (and healthy) turkey! It’s so easy to make: take some wooden skewers, alternate grapes and pieces of cheese. Take some more skewers and put sweet bell pepper slices on these. Place the grape skewers and pepper slices in a honey dew melon to create the colorful plumage! Slice a pear in half, place it on the melon with a toothpick and create a face with pepper, cheese and raisins. Finish this lovely creation by adding two red pepper feet! The children had a chance to enjoy this lovely creation and learned that we don’t always need sugary treats to celebrate special occasions. This was such a great idea, it just had to be shared.

We can’t wait to see what the next holiday fruit design will be!


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