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Swap Out The Fryer and Keep “The Fry”

We recently celebrated National French Fry Day, a whole day dedicated to one of our favorite foods. Whether you prefer them with a sprinkling of salt, dunked in ketchup, crispy, curly, or waffle-like, French fries are a beloved indulgence. And they’re everywhere. We see them on almost every menu we encounter—paired with sandwiches, burgers, chicken… Read more »

5-2-1-0 Adventures for Your Summer List

We’ve been waiting, and waiting…..for sunshine. The days are getting longer and the temps are slowly climbing but what we really want is a week that feels like summer. While we wait to welcome June, we’re building a list of summer adventures. Here are a few activities that pack a double punch; they get you… Read more »

Managing Family Screen Time—What, Where, When and How Much?

Keeping up with what “healthy” media use is for your kids could be a full-time job. Technology for everyday use seems to be changing constantly. The news announces beneficial breakthroughs as well as newly discovered risks at a head-spinning rate. And children are more engaged with digital media than ever before, for school, for socializing,… Read more »

Making 5-2-1-0 Easier for Children with Disabilities

Everyone wants their kids to eat well and to live healthy, active lives, including parents and professionals caring for children with intellectual and developmental disabilities.* At Let’s Go!, we’re committed to making sure all children develop lifelong healthy habits. As part of our commitment to creating strategies and tools that are inclusive of all children,… Read more »

Back To School Season Offers New Beginnings

Back to school season is upon us. This is a time when our attention shifts from cookouts and camping trips to all things new: new clothes, new supplies, new schedules, and new beginnings. Mornings are full of packing lunches and loading backpacks. This year, many of our Let’s Go! staffers are right there with you,… Read more »