Back To School Season Offers New Beginnings

Back to school season is upon us. This is a time when our attention shifts from cookouts and camping trips to all things new: new clothes, new supplies, new schedules, and new beginnings. Mornings are full of packing lunches and loading backpacks. This year, many of our Let’s Go! staffers are right there with you, celebrating new school milestones – starting 1st grade, entering 5th grade, and joining an entirely new school in a whole new town! So we understand how busy you all are.

girl-with-school-lunchAt Let’s Go! we work hard to make healthy eating and active living easier for you and your kids. We provide healthy tips on our blog, share receipes on Facebook, and partner with schools, child cares, out-of-school programs, and health care practices in support of healthy habits. 

Did you know?

  • Kids learn better when they have the chance to wiggle and play.
  • Healthy snacking can improve kids’ behavior, focus, and attention.
  • Unhealthy food choices can decrease a child’s academic performance.

Educators have known this for years and that’s why they are prioritizing healthy eating and physical activity. This year, Let’s Go! is working with 218 schools and an additional 120 school cafeterias to create environments in which kids can flourish – ensuring students are moving and eating well throughout the school day. And since teachers are busy too, Let’s Go! offers:

  • tools and guidance on environmental and policy changes to help schools achieve their wellness goals             
  • strategies and networking opportunities for school cafeterias building Smarter Lunchrooms to gently “nudge” kids to make healthier choices
  • resources, technical assistance, and trainings to support building healthy habits – who needs cupcakes at school parties when teachers can offer kiddos extra time to explore outside

Teacher with students standing outside


Teachers Taking Action
As part of our training efforts, we’re hosting the 2016 Let’s Go! School Symposium where teachers, principals, administrators, and other interested school staff from around the state can dedicate a full day’s attention to professional development that will ultimately benefit children statewide in living healthier, more active lives. They’ll learn how to increase physical activity and energize the lunchroom by increasing student involvement.

Care to join us?
Parents are welcome and can register here. You can also join your local school wellness team and use your voice to help make a difference in children’s health and education.