How to Get Involved

If you live in Maine or Carroll County, New Hampshire there are many ways to get involved with Let’s Go!.


Parents and Caregivers

Parents and caregivers can start by confirming that your child’s child care, school, and out-of-school program is registered with Let’s Go!. Use this database to search by name or town.

  • Yes, my kids attend a registered site! We’d love to see you support the site by packing healthy foods, advocating for daily physical activity, sending your child off with a water bottle and keeping en eye on how much screen time they’re getting. Better yet and if your schedule allows, join the wellness committee or PTO.
  • No, my child’s site isn’t registered. We ask parents to connect with staff at the site and ask if they’re interested in learning more about 5-2-1-0. From there, introduce a staff member to your communities Local Coordinator to discuss joining the movement. 



Educators can start by confirming that your child care, school or out-of-school program is a registered Let’s Go! site. If your site is registered, connect with your site’s Let’s Go! Champion and ask how you can help. Site Champions are always in need of extra support. If you’re site isn’t registered and you’d like to be, connect with your Local Coordinator to get started.



If you’re a community partner, business, or other interest party looking to partner with Let’s Go!, introduce yourself in a quick email and follow up with you.