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Children are Watching You!

Authored by Adrienne Gallant, Let’s Go! Knox County Coordinator A couple of months ago, I was feeling under the weather. I was forced to stay upstairs in my room secluded from the rest of my family so as not to contaminate them with my germs. My throat was feeling awful and my stomach wasn’t so… Read more »

Celebrate Easter in Good Health

Authored by Reegan Brown Let’s Go! Program Coordinator Easter is just around the corner…what’s one of the first things that often comes to mind for our children this holiday? You may find it’s the Easter treats! Easter traditions like Easter baskets and egg hunts are a fun and favorite event among kids of all ages, and… Read more »

Do You Know What Your Child’s Cafeteria is Serving?

Authored by: Reegan Brown Let’s Go! Program Coordinator With updated standards from the USDA, school meals across the nation are changing for the better. Cafeterias are being stocked with healthier options and teachers and school staff are playing an important role in the success of school lunch. Here’s one example of how Maine is making changes…. Read more »