RSU 20 Celebrates ‘Harvest Week’ with Taste Testings

Authored by Barbara Crowley

RSU 20 School Health Coordinator Linda Hartkopf helped elementary school children in RSU 20 celebrate ‘Harvest Week’ recently, with taste testings at Nickerson and East Belfast Schools.

At Nickerson, she met with 1st and 2nd graders to explore the difference between raw, mashed and cooked apples and squash. Students were encouraged to see this not only as a healthy food lesson, but as a language arts exercise as well. Kids were asked to find words that described the difference between these foods texture, tastes and appearance!

In East Belfast School, Hartkopf taught the parts of a plant, and children made a delicious salad that reflected these — featuring lettuce and spinach leaves, stems (celery), roots (carrots), flowers (broccoli), fruit (apples) and pumpkin seeds, tossed in an olive-oil vinaigrette dressing. They loved it and asked for seconds!

Linda Hartkopf Presenting a Healthy Food Lesson   Fruit Salad