The Great Fruity Breakfast I’d Never Heard Of!

Authored by Karen Schebaum
Manager of The Kids CO-OP

Baked OatmealA co-worker recently told me about Baked Oatmeal. She said it was a great easy, yummy way to get fruit into breakfast.

I “Googled” and looked through various recipes and settled on one that seemed fairly healthy. All I had to do was double the recipe, replace bananas (which isn’t my favorite) with frozen strawberries, and replace maple syrup (which I didn’t have) with a small amount of brown sugar.

The result? With five minutes prep time and 45 minutes cooking time, I had a delicious concoction that tasted like a cross between oatmeal, fruit crisp and bread pudding. I add a dollop of plain Greek yogurt on top and it is a very satisfying breakfast. The recipe I adapted can be found at The Curvy Carrot.

I now have a 10×13 dish of this in the fridge, and will be warming it up for breakfast all the work week. Added bonus: about five cups of berries went in this dish, so we will get about 1/2 a cup of berries each morning that we can count toward our 5 a Day.

My co-worker said this recipe is also really good with apple, peach or nectarine slices. Next time I am going to try adding frozen mango chunks plus some unsweetened coconut flakes.

What ways have you found to add fruits or vegetables to your breakfasts?


The Kids CO-OP of the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital, Maine Medical Center is the program home of the Let’s Go! and AH! Asthma Health programs.