Dr. Tory Rogers wins Maine Children’s Alliance Giraffe Award

Authored by Elizabeth Motyka, MPH

Dr. Tory Rogers and Dr. John Bancroft with Maine Children's Alliance Giraffe AwardIn October, Dr. Tory Rogers, the director of Let’s Go!, was honored with the Maine Children’s Alliance Giraffe Award. This award recognizes those who “stick out their necks for kids” in communities across Maine. Recipients of the award have accomplished one or more of the following:

1) Demonstrated exemplary leadership in child advocacy by representing the interests of children and their families across one or more policy issues

2) Provided or directed exemplary services and support to individual children and/or their families, including volunteer work

3) Successfully organized advocacy for children and families at the state, local or regional level.

Dr. John Bancroft, the Chief of Pediatrics at Maine Medical Center, states, “Dr. Rogers serves Maine’s children and their families through her daily efforts to address some of our most pressing chronic health concerns… Her passion, vision, and pragmatic approach empower children, families, schools, health care providers and communities to reach beyond the status quo and to change.”

Congratulations Tory! Thank you for all you do!