What Let’s Go! Looks Like in Action

We wanted to share the following story to give you a better idea of how Let’s Go!’s multi-setting approach brings people together to help children establish healthy habits.

Meet Izzie, an energetic 5th grader who hangs out with her bff, Kristen, plays with her dog, Doc, practices Taekwondo with her little brother Carter, and makes healthy choices on a daily basis.

imrclimbing072012Izzie and her mom, Deanna, have been working with pediatrician and Let’s Go! Healthcare Champion, Pamela Dietz, who when asked about Izzie told us this: “It’s best to shift the focus of our discussions from weight and the number on the scale to the importance of making healthy choices. I showed Izzie how to read a nutrition label, we reviewed the amount of sugar in popular drink choices and we discussed why excessive amounts of sugar are so bad for her overall health. Izzie gets it.”  

Dr. Dietz partnered with Let’s Go! 5-2-1-0 nearly a decade ago and uses the 5-2-1-0 message to encourage healthy behaviors. Izzie’s school, C.K. Burns School, is a Let’s Go! registered school, which means they also follow 5-2-1-0. Staff members are committed to making the school a healthy place; last year the school made positive changes to their wellness policy to limit unhealthy foods for snacks and celebrations.

Izzie’s 5th grade teacher, Larry Strout told us Izzie chooses fruit for breakfast and snacks on cucumbers and oranges. We also learned that Izzie recently wrote a research-based opinion essay on why the school should not offer chocolate milk and that she delivered a very persuasive argument.

We love knowing that Izzie is sparking conversation with her peers about the amount of sugar in everyday foods and solving disagreements by simply telling them to “look at the label.” Izzie told us healthy foods give her energy, that her favorite fruit is golden delicious apples, and that her mom makes an amazing lentil soup.

Izzie’s story reflects the success of community partnerships with pediatricians like Pam Dietz, schools like C.K. Burns, parents and even funders like Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Foundation who want to help change the environments where kids play and learn.

With a team of people around her and environments that make the healthy choice the easy choice, Izzie is not only developing healthy new habits, but she is spreading the word. Way to go Izzie!