Drink Up Without the Added Sugar

Authored by: Adrienne Gallant Let’s Go! Knox County Coordinator

When my daughter entered Kindergarten a couple of years ago I went to a meeting for new parents. At the end of the meeting I went up and introduced myself to the principal and told her that I would love to talk with her about having the school sign up to become a Let’s Go! 5-2-1-0 school, and oh, by the way, I’m Norah’s mom. Her response was “I know Norah”. Concern flashed through my mind. You see, school had only been in session for THREE DAYS and the principal already knew who my daughter was! She went on to explain that during the first lunch of the school season, after all of Norah’s kindergarten class was seated in the cafeteria, Norah proceeded to tell her whole class, and anyone else within ear shot, about how bad chocolate milk is for you because of all the sugar. That water is the best choice a person can make when choosing something to drink!Little boy drinking water


Although she might have found a better way to say it, she’s right – water is the best drink of choice for our bodies. Many of us may think we’re making a healthy choice in our drinks (and even food) but sometimes we don’t even know we’re drinking or eating sugar. Added sugar goes by many names: high-fructose corn syrup, cane sugar, any kind of “syrup” (malt, brown, rice), anything that ends is “-ose” (dextrose, lactose, glucose, etc) and agave, to name a few.


So the next time you pick up a bottle of something that isn’t just water think of my daughter and take a quick peak at the nutrition label on the back. If you see sugar or one of its “alter-egos” listed think about putting it down and picking up some water instead. Kids are watching and listening (as my daughter continues to remind me through her actions and words) so let’s show them how to stay healthy by making healthy choices.


For more information on the amount of sugar that might be in your favorite drink check out this great NEW Let’s Go! resource.