Making healthy choices a priority in 2014!

Authored by Adrienne Gallant
Let’s Go! Knox County Coordinator

Happy New Year ImageHave you ever felt that you just don’t have time to squeeze in one more thing to your day? Your day is full of work, kids, after school programs, sports, supper, bedtime….and the list goes on and on and on…. Just the thought of trying to find time to get in any type of exercise might just make your brain explode. Even though studies have shown that regular physical activity can help control your weight, reduce the risk for type 2 diabetes, strengthen bones and muscles, improve moods and much more (, exercising is usually one of the first things we drop from our “to-do” list.

To help you squeeze in a few minutes of physical activity each day here are some examples of exercises you can do just about anywhere: at work, on a walk, at lunch, during commercials when you’re watching TV…you get the picture!*

  1. Kneeling push-ups: start with your knees on the ground, feet lifted and your hands directly under your shoulders. Put your body in a kneeling plank position. Slowly lower your chest down and push your body back up to the starting position. You can also do these on the wall to start or on your toes as you get stronger!
  2. Planks: start by lying face down. Place your elbows directly below your shoulders and your forearms under your chest and prop yourself onto your toes and forearms. Make sure your back is flat and don’t let your hips to sag toward the ground. If this is too hard try it from a kneeling position first. Start by holding this position for 10 seconds and work your way up!
  3. Squats: sit back like you’re sitting on a chair, bend at the knees, hinge at the waist and put your weight in your heels. Be careful not to extend your knees over your toes! Stand up! Taking care of knees or just starting out? Don’t go down as far into the squat or use a chair behind you. Slowly sit back on the edge of the chair and then return to a standing position.
  4. Jumping jacks: Start out with this move by stepping one foot out, then the other. As you feel comfortable, work up to jumping both feet out at one time and bring your arms out into a v-position at the same time. Great for warming up your muscles.
  5. Running in place: Just starting out? March in place and build up to a jog. Keep it up for 10-30 seconds. This simple exercise gets the heart pumping and works important muscles!

You want to print out these exercises and put them up at work or on your fridge. 

If you are around children and they see you being physically active, you’re teaching them that it’s important to stay healthy and active and they are more likely to join in the fun!

*You should consult your physician or other health care professional before starting any new type of physical activities to determine if it is right for your needs