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Sweeter Deal! Let’s Go! Schools Offering Non-food Rewards.

Authored by Karen Schebaum Has your school shifted away from using food as a reward and toward physical activity rewards? Do they use alternatives to food-based celebrations? If your school is a Let’s Go! school the answer is probably YES! Results from Let’s Go!’s 2013 Annual Report show that 66% of our responding schools were… Read more »

RSU 20 Competes For The Health Of It

Authored by Barbara Crowley, Let’s Go! Waldo County The RSU 20 Wellness Committee recently sponsored a Spring Into Health Challenge. Schools and individuals were challenged to log 20 hours of exercise between March 1 and April 30. Four schools participated, East Belfast School, Searsport Elementary School, Frankfort Elementary School and Belfast Area High School. The… Read more »

Healthy Celebrations at Camden Rockport Middle School!

Authored by Adrienne Gallant Camden Rockport Middle School has been a Let’s Go! school for a few years now. They have been working diligently on increasing the awareness of the entire student body, as well as staff, on the importance of finding new and innovative ways to celebrate successes and just have fun without food!… Read more »

Recess: A Magic Potion!

Authored by Michael Dedekian, MD Director of Countdown to a Healthy ME Clinic I often joke with my patients that as soon as a magic potion is invented that will cure their disease they’ll be first on my list to receive it. Indeed, it is an encouraging time to be a physician because of the… Read more »

The Learning Connection!

Authored by Jami Badershall, communications manage Maine Dairy & Nutrition Council A phys ed class that gives homework. Smoothie machines in cafeterias. Before school run/walk clubs. Breakfast in the classroom. Incorporating physical activity into daily lessons. School gardens. School is no longer just about science, language arts, arithmetic and social studies. It has become a… Read more »