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Sweeter Deal! Let’s Go! Schools Offering Non-food Rewards.

Authored by Karen Schebaum Has your school shifted away from using food as a reward and toward physical activity rewards? Do they use alternatives to food-based celebrations? If your school is a Let’s Go! school the answer is probably YES! Results from Let’s Go!’s 2013 Annual Report show that 66% of our responding schools were… Read more »

The Learning Connection!

Authored by Jami Badershall, communications manage Maine Dairy & Nutrition Council A phys ed class that gives homework. Smoothie machines in cafeterias. Before school run/walk clubs. Breakfast in the classroom. Incorporating physical activity into daily lessons. School gardens. School is no longer just about science, language arts, arithmetic and social studies. It has become a… Read more »

Wells-Ogunquit School Nutrition Program Excels!

Authored by Heidi Kessler Check out the smiles on the faces of students and chefs at Wells-Ogunquit school district! School districts that participate in Let’s Go! School Nutrition Workgroups are always taking steps to raise the caliber of their programs – here is just one example! On January 30th, ‘A Taste of Asia’ was featured… Read more »

Eating Healthy During the Holiday

Authored by Michael A Dedekian, MD The holiday season is a joyous one, full of wonder and light and when time treasured childhood memories are made. It can also be a challenging time to eat healthy food. With holiday celebrations in schools, workplaces and in the community, availability of sugary foods can be unlimited. In… Read more »

Let’s Go! Partners with MIYHS

Authored by Rick Fortier, CHES Let’s Go! is pleased to announce a recent partnership with the Maine Department of Education and the Department of Health and Human Services for the 2013 Maine Integrated Youth Health Survey (MIYHS). The MIYHS is only administered every two years and provides valuable data to school administrators and communities in… Read more »