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Making the Most of Your Next Winter Adventure

By now we’re typically in the thick of winter, with snow as the mainstay of our daily forecast. But when there aren’t inches of powder to cover the downhill slopes, cushion the sledding hill, and provide for our backyard snowmen, what are we left to do to get our families outdoors and active? Break out… Read more »

What To Do About Winter Dehydration

Summer is typically the season associated with dehydration. With warmer weather, our bodies heat up and we sweat more visibly—and so we’re more inclined to pick up that glass of water to cool us off and quench our thirst. During cooler months, we don’t get as hot and sweat evaporates into the cold air instead… Read more »

A Favorite Budget-Friendly Outdoor Winter Activity

With colder, shorter, and darker days comes our collective tendency to hunker down and stay indoors. During winter, it’s easier for adults and kids alike to lose focus of staying active—we understand. And yet, with months of snow comes exciting opportunities to explore your community in different ways, try something new, or expand on a… Read more »

New Guidelines For Sugar—And How To Scale Back

Every five years the federal government releases new Dietary Guidelines for Americans. These guidelines are designed to help all Americans eat a healthier diet—it’s also a key resource for health professionals and is the basis of everything from school lunch programs to our very own Let’s Go! strategies. In addition to the continued recommendation to… Read more »

Keeping Healthy through the Holidays

We are fast approaching the busy holiday season, a time to celebrate with family and friends.  Unfortunately, it can also be a time of stress during which we lose sight of our routine healthy eating and active living habits.  Here are a few tips for maintaining your health and sanity this holiday season. Make moving… Read more »